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The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute is a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary teaching and research community consisting of neuroscientists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, mental health specialists, rehabilitation specialists, caregivers, students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and technicians. Members of the NMHI are dedicated to the exploration of how our nervous system functions, the basis for disease, and translation of discoveries into improved prevention and treatment options for people worldwide. The nervous system remains one of the great scientific mysteries, and an understanding of its function has implications beyond biology and health and into the very foundations of human society.

Run for Brain Research 2014

Thank you to all our participants, donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers who helped this event be such a success!

We had over 300 people turn out for a beautiful Fall morning and stay for the delicious BBQ lunch. Pictures of the event, expertly captured by two of our graduate students, Sam Joshva Baskar Jesudasan and Abdullah Ishaque, can be seen here.

Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute in the News

  1. Dr. John Greer, Director of Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, appointed as Chairman of Cortex Pharmaceuticals Scientific Advisory Board

    October 02 2014

    Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company currently engaged in the discovery and development of drugs for the treatment of respiratory disorders.

  2. NMHI member and professor of physical therapy Jaynie Yang has started a pilot study on how people with spinal cord injuries can benefit from using the ReWalk Robotics exoskeleton

    October 02 2014

    Exoskeleton equipment allows Edmonton spinal cord injury patients to walk again. Denny Ross says taking steps for the first time thanks to new technology at University of Alberta was nothing short of amazing.

  3. Shrida Sahadevan applies mathematics and psychology to explain learning and memory

    September 11 2014

    After a year of volunteering in Dr. Jeremy Caplan’s Computational Memory Lab, Neuroscience Honors student Shrida Sahadevan jumped at the chance to take on an independent project where she was able to explore her interests in memory strategies and memory models as a part of the Undergraduate Research Initiative researcher stipend in the summer of 2013.

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Upcoming Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute Events

  1. Seminar

    January 13 2015

    Title: "Identification and functional testing of genomic BMP-response elements controlling gene expression in Drosophila neurons". Speaker: Dr Douglas Allan, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia. Chair: Dr. John Greer.

  2. Seminar

    January 20 2015

    Speaker: Dr. Deryk Beal, NMHI member, Executive Director, Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR), Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (formerly Speech Pathology and Audiology), Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta. Chair: Dr. Karim Fouad

  3. Seminar

    January 27 2015

    Speaker: Dr. Andrew Waskiewicz, NMHI member, Professor of Biological Sciences, Canada Research Chair in Genetics of Vertebrate Development, University of Alberta. Chair: Dr. Peter Smith.

  4. Seminar

    February 03 2015

    Title:"Time-varying connectivity models for brain imaging data". Speaker: Dr. Ivor Cribben, NMHI member, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Statistical Analysis, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta.

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