Welcome to the Centre for Neuroscience!

The Centre for Neuroscience at the University of Alberta incorporates researchers and students across the entire span of neuroscientific research. While our members have diverse research interests, they are all united by a common goal: To drive forward our understanding of how the nervous system works. The nervous system remains one of the great scientific mysteries, and an understanding of its function has implications beyond biology and health and into the very foundations of human society.

From Centre to Institute

The Centre for Neuroscience is in a very exciting place of transition. We are soon going to become the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute consisting of over 500 members including neuroscientists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, mental health specialists, counsellors, rehabilitation specialists, caregivers, students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and technicians.

Our dedicated team is already actively involved in researching neurodegenerative diseases and mental health disorders. The Institute will further facilitate these world-class members in the exploration of how our nervous system functions, the basis for disease, and translation of discoveries into improved prevention and treatment options.

Neuroscience Research Day 2014

Neuroscience Research Day held on Monday March 10, 2014 was a tremendous success. Thank you to all the students, faculty members, and volunteers who participated in this event. It truly was a celebration of student research in neuroscience!

For more information and pictures please see HERE.

Centre for Neuroscience in the News

  1. Eleven Canada Research Chairs announced for UAlberta

    April 10 2014

    Fred Colbourne, Centre for Neuroscience Member, Department of Psychology received a new Tier 1 appointment in the Canada Research Chairs program. Colbourne is working to improve rehabilitation for patients, finding neuroprotective treatments such as mild hypothermia to reduce ischemic and perhaps hemorrhagic brain damage, and improve recovery.

  2. Discovery could offer new way to treat prion diseases

    January 21 2014

    Neurology professor David Westaway and post-doctoral fellow Charles E. Mays collaborated on research that revealed brain cells have a natural defence mechanism against prion illnesses like mad cow disease and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease.

  3. Megan Airmet of the Centre for Neuroscience awarded competitive Support Staff Recognition Award

    January 09 2014

    The highly competitive award—just one U of A support staff member is recognized each year—is given to an individual who is an enthusiastic contributor to, and ambassador for, the U of A.

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Upcoming Centre for Neuroscience Events

  1. Seminar

    April 22

    12:00 - 01:00 PM

    Oborowsky Degner Hall (Main Floor Li Ka Shing)

    "Collateral blood flow impairment in diabetes: Potential adverse effect on stroke outcome" Speaker: Dr. Jialing Liu, Principal Investigator, Brain and Spinal Injury Center (BASIC) and the Cerebrovascular Research Program, UCSF. Chair: Dr. Holger Wille. For poster with abstract see:https://neuroscience.sitecore.ualberta.ca/NeverPublish/~/media/neuroscience/General%20use%20images/4222014JialingLiucopy.jpg

  2. Seminar

    April 25

    12:00 - 01:00 PM

    9-75 Medcial Sciences Building

    "Roads less travelled - non-traditional postgraduate career paths." Speaker: Dr. Jeff Zidichouski, NRC Canada and Universities of Calgary, Hong Kong and PEI. Chair: Dr. Peter Smith

  3. Seminar

    April 29

    12:00 - 01:00 PM

    Oborowsky Degner Hall (Main Floor Li Ka Shing)

    "Neurocognitive impairments in children and adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)." Speaker: Dr. Carmen Rasmussen, Centre for Neuroscience Member, Department of Psychiatry, Pediatric Neuroscience, University of Alberta. Chair: Dr. Peter Smith For poster with abstract see:https://neuroscience.sitecore.ualberta.ca/NeverPublish/~/media/neuroscience/General%20use%20images/4292014Rasmussencopy.jpg

  4. Seminar

    May 06

    12:00 - 01:00 PM

    Oborowsky Degner Hall (Main Floor Li Ka Shing)

    "Sex, drugs and serotonin." Speaker: Dr. Bradley Kerr - Lab Presentation, Centre for Neuroscience Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology. Chair: Dr. Bradley Kerr

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